BILL PAUL (Vice President SBCC)

by Admin Wednesday, 18th April 2018

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Bill Paul one of our most well known and loved Vice Presidents.

Bill was an amazing supporter of all our senior teams and junior cricket both on and off the field.

He would volunteer to do anything to support our club, often saying ”yes” before you had even finished the sentence asking him what it was you wanted him to do. When Yorkshire visited our ground he became synonymous with the tombola and had a way of asking people if they wanted to have a go that made them part with their money before they knew what had happened.

His enthusiasm watching was infectious and there was nobody prouder when we won but his respect for cricket and understanding of the true spirit of the game meant he would always applaud any opponent who performed well.

Bill will be missed by all in the Club particularly at the bar where it always seemed to be his turn to buy a round of drinks. Our thoughts at this time are with his family and friends.

For those who wish to the pay their respects to Bill and there will be many the funeral is on Friday May 18th at York Crematorium (1.40pm) and we will be so proud to host his wake back at the cricket club to celebrate the life of a true gentleman.